Village Kids in worship

Those of you who have been members and regular guests at the village know we have our children in worship with adults. We do it for theological reasons. In Matthew 19:13, Jesus says, "“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

The leadership of The Village Church are in partnership with our families in the raising and spiritual nourishment of every child in this church. Everything we do from our First Steps nursery, to Village Kids I and II and to Jr and Sr Light is help disciple all of our children. We want them to know what it means be part of a local body of Christ. We want them to grow up with a high view and love for the local church. This is a process.

At The Village Church, we believe in having children participate in the worship service, singing with us and sitting under the preaching of the word. It’s part of our discipleship process. Our nursery is for infants through preschool, and school age children join their caretakers for worship. We don’t have children's church because we want our children to know that corporate worship isn’t just for grown ups. Its for them as well. They’re part of the body and we don’t want to separate them from the body during worship.

This will be transition for some children and their caregivers. This will be new for some of our guest who come from churches with children’s church. It’s a transition and a process! And the church leadership is here to help. It won't be without issues and inconvenience. We’re going to have to extend grace to one another. We’re going to have to keep short accounts with one another. Well, what does that mean Pastor?

It means some Sundays maybe a little noisy and some of you will need to give us grace. It also means some Sundays some will need to make use of our new sitting room or the foyer if their child just needs a break. We have a speaker in the foyer for your listening pleasure and coffee for your caffeine fix. And finally, it means we just need to serve each other in humility. Be mindful of one another, members and guests.

It does take a village to raise kids. And every adult member in this church is a spiritual father and mother to every child in this church. All of us have the privilege and responsibility to walk alongside all the kids here — for discipleship and to help them engage the service.

We do have a worship sheet for our kids alongside the worship guides in the foyer. And we are currently working on creating new Village Kids worship guides and family worship bags for children of all ages. Mary Anne Wells is the director of our children's ministries. If you have questions then please contact her.

I do want to thank each of you for allowing us to be part of your village in the Christian nurture of your kids.

Rev. A.M. Shipman
The Village Church 256.270.9112